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Album: ADHD

[Chris Tucker:]

Ayy man, whattup man? Joyner man, what’s happenin’ man? Look man, let me just let you know man. You takin’ too goddamn long with this album, man. And I don’t wanna hear about that ADD/ADHD shit. My momma got ADHD too, my nigga. And she ain’t ever use that as no damn excuse to be lazy. My great-great-grandmomma had ADHD and so did my grandaddy. You need to do, all you need to do man is smoke a little weed man. Get your mind right. Got all these goddamn people waitin’ on you. Man, I thought, I thought you was supposed to drop that damn album two years ago man. I done shot ten goddamn movies and your shit still ain’t dropped yet man. You been, you been milkin’ the fuck out that album cover, man, way too long. So I hope this music’s good, because if it’s not I’m gonna be highly upset, nigga. Every time I go on YouTube, you got a new video of you throwin’ a pity party because you got ADHD. Fuck your pity party, man. Boo-fuckin’-hoo, man, stop cryin’. Smoke some weed, and drop this damn album already. Goddamn, we waitin’. Bye.